Mobile websites = More business, better brand

L2 describes itself as a ‘think tank for digital innovation’ that brings ‘together thought leaders from industry + academia to help brands navigate the changing digital landscape’. In a 2012 survey they confirmed the common sense conclusions which probably reflect your own experiences with mobile websites.

ONE. The survey concluded that MOBILE WEBSITES result in online, mobile purchases. If a website is mobile friendly smartphone owners are more likely to buy your product or use your service. A whopping 75% said they are also more inclined to return to a site if their mobile experience on your website is a good one.

TWO. Consumers will quickly go elsewhere if they cannot find what they need instantly and easily.

THREE. If a consumers are frustrated and annoyed by your site because it is not friendly they are left with negative perceptions about your business can damage a company’s brand. The impression you leave is that you do not care about your customers business and a bad mobile experience makes mobile savvy users less likely to engage with you in the future.

L2 shout out a stern warning – ignore the mobile revolution at your peril.

You can see the full report if you are a member or watch some web savvy videos on the increasing significance of mobile marketing here.

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